method_cover-74.jpgToday is a day dedicated to LOVE. So go give a kiss to your board! It (she) deserves it!
Ok now go kiss your girl/boy friend, you freak!

Today is also the day Method Mag announced us they are releasing their last issue of the season (shit, we feel like the season didn’t even start yet!!): their highly awaited Photo Annual!

Well, we had Love, we had Drugs, we got Lost… and now we’re feeling the PAIN! Method Mag’s last issue of the winter is the Photo Annual, and it might just be our best one yet…
Why Pain?

Snowboarding may beat you, it may freeze you, and it may bury you in its embrace. It’ll spend all your money and leave you broke for sure. But whether we mean physically or mentally, the pain snowboarding brings is the kind of pain that challenges us, and makes us strong. Mentally or physically, pain is our body telling us to wake the hell up.

Don’t miss out on issue 7.4 of Method Mag and HAPPY VALENTINE everybody!