75071_131_01_200.jpgSince 1999, skateboard protection brand TSG produces helmets specifically for skaters on the snow. Built with skate roots, the TSG snowboard helmets created a totally new look in the lame winter sport safety business. Backpacks, travel bags, accessories and a small apparel line complete the program. Functionality, quality, design and surprising details are the deciding factors for all TSG products.

This year, they have two promodel helmets in their product line : The Eero Ettala and the Gian Simmen (featured). Both are lightweight head protection for skaters on the snow tricked out with audio headphones.

We took the proven design and features of our evolution skate helmet and transformed it into the most stylish snowboard helmet on the earth. The helmet sits slightly lower and the sides curve around your temples a little more than a regular helmet to provide increased protection and great look. Trust in the ultra lightweighted but strong ABS shell and enjoy the soft inner layer, that is so comfortable like wearing a beanie.

All TSG products can be bought online in their e-shop, so check it out!