In 2003 my jacket was ripped off together with my favourite beanie.
Outside it was the coldest winter and as I already told you: My favourite beanie was gone! Sheer lunacy started again!
I ran from one shop to the next; but it was winter and everybody had already bought a beanie. Shit!
What remained on the shelf was not what I fancied: the last leftovers…
“Well! I could just as well take my granny’s beanie!”
No getting around it – Plan B had to do now…
So I went to the wool shop, bought some knitting needles and some cool wool and went home quickly.
“It was freezing cold and without a beanie this is no joke …”
At home I called my mum and she brushed up my former knitting skills. Then I got started …

… I knitted day and night … and I did not stop after the first beanie …
Autumn 2004: I’m tired of if else for switch and so on.
I quit my job as a software developer.
After 9 months of pregnancy Sionyx saw the light of day. Rock on …

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