aesthetiker.jpgOn March 22 till 25, in the beautiful park of Mayrhofen, the Asthetiker Jam Wängl Tängl , an eclectic mixture of Austrian snow, skate, sound and street art will kick off. The comp is a TTR 5-Star event – which means a huge payout of $30,000USD and a brand new Suzuki LT-Z400 Quad Bike to the Wangl Tangl slopestyle winner.

Over 40 riders from all over will compete at this TTR event for big prizes on a slopestyle course featuring snow cradles – park-size skate bowls you can shred on. This skate-to-snow invention is credited to its inventors, the Shape Crew slopestyle makers, who also threw into the course a variety of wild rails and kickers for competitors to choose from.

“Last year was the first time we had a cradle in the contest. We had a one before, but we had it for ourselves,” says Bernie Koeffler, press manager for “Last year was the first time we integrated it as an obstacle in the slopestly contest.”

Riders who tackle the Shape Crew course select their own run from a mixed bag of options. The main rule: four tricks have to be thown and stomped for a complete run. The variety factor remains high as riders must test and trust their creativity to place first.