omni.jpgCrews, teams, bands, associations, gangs… Whatever you want to call it, at the end it is the same thing : friends sharing the same passion, the same parties, the same laughs, the same good and bad times….Life on the snow!

Europe is filled with these crews which are at the core of snowboarding – and @BrOADER it’s our ‘duty’ to showcase their action.
Some are really famous and well organized some others a little less, but the goal is the same: having pleasure together.

M16 Crew is one of these french crews who act for their passions of snowboard and music. They are a group of riders & DJs from France, they lead different projects and we wanted to know a little more…

Oh and to all you crews out there, working hard to do cool stuff for snowboarding, send us some infos about you and we’ll feature you here too!
So are we all set for a new BrOADER[view]?

Hi Alex, the BrOADER’s addicts may not know you, so can you say a few words about yourself?

Hey, my name is Alex Buatois and I come from the two alps (just kidding “les 2 Alpes” rpz). But I live in Grenoble from where I work actively for the M16 crew.

For how long have you been snowboarding and where do you ride the most?

I ride since 12 years now, and I won the French big air champs as a Junior, and some other contests too. I mostly ride in les 2 Alpes of course, but also in the Col de Porte (BrOADER : a tiny resort above Grenoble in Chartreuse). This winter, the M16 crew will have the opportunity to discover new resorts in Savoie as we are organising our own Tour.

What about the M16 Crew?

m16.jpgThe core of the M16 crew is a bunch of old friends with some new additions (Alex Salvetti, Ben Bernard, Thibault Vitale, Antoine Bertrand , Nico Opportun, Matthias Virat, Alex Doumergue, Bruno Etcheverry….check our videos!). A the start it was just a trip, and we made t-shirts, shirts, baggy pants and caps that we were selling in the shop from our friend Tib in Grenoble. Then some english guys got me completly into Drum’n’bass!! In 99 I got myself my own home studio and turntables and the all crew followed and we started djing, playing the DnB loud!! I then created a label called “RAFALE”and we got some tracks out, a first album and a second on is due soon. I even won a british djing contest! I was stocked. And we always had a camera to film our riding sessions every year so this allowed us to produce our first video. You can check it all out on our myspace page here.

We have seen that you produced a small video called “OMNI”, can you tell us more about it?

We mainly filmed in les 2 Alpes, on the Lautarets’s famous road gap and Super Devoluy. There are like 20 riders including Alex Doumergue and Ben Bernard who are future french snwboarding stars coz they rip! The soundtrack is mostly made by the riders themselves! The video is completly free and you can download it here.

Alex, what are your plans for this season?

Like I said before we are organising a Tour in the bars of some resorts with DnB parties and video projections. We’ll be in Chamonix, La plagne, Les Saisies, l’Alpe d’Huez, Flaine and more.
Our friend Thibault Vitale is also working hard on our own skatebowl located in Saint Egrève (BrOADER : 5 minute outside of Grenoble, on the way to Chambery)! And we have a project for a new snowboard video…a lot of stuff as you can see!!!

How can we manage to follow your projects?

Easy check us out here for all the snowboarding action, here for our sound and come to our parties in the resorts

The most important question and I leave you the last words. Do you love snow[BrOADER]? 😉

Yes of course! Just the fact that you show interest for what the kids are doing is really cool! And snowboarding is the best thing ever even though lately it’s getting a little bit pollutate by “fashion” and mainstream mediatisation. But little things like BrOADER help keep the real vibe alive for the future!

Thanks Alex and M16 crew. We wish you a great season and lots of fun!

Peace, keep it real!!!