dc-shoes.jpg You know, BrOADER gave you some breaking news already about DC coming up with a complete winter product offer, adding snowboards to their already impressive line of boots, technical clothing and accessories…well that’s secret stuff but trust us it’s planned for season 2007/2008…

However just in time for the 2006/2007 season, DC launched its brand new snowboarding website today. Visitors to www.dcshoes.com/snow can access all the latest information about DC Snowboarding, from the team, news, and events to boots, apparel, and outerwear.

“We are excited about the new snow section of the DC website,” said Ken Block, DC’s Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder. “There is so much going on with the DC snowboarding category, it was hard to keep up with it all – new products and innovations, team interviews and features, team trips, Mtn.Lab photos and stories. With the new snow site we have an amazing forum to showcase everything that’s going on with our snow program and give visitors a real insiders look at DC’s snowboarding category and all that it entails.”