avatar BrOADER girliesThe Pinky Jam, a 2 star TTR event and the finals of the SOUL GANG TOUR – the first European amateur tour exclusively dedicated to girls – will take place in Chiesa si Valmalenco, Italy from March 23rd till 25th.
As TTR tradition, the winner will gain the access to an even more important competition supported by the Intergirlactik, at Les 7 Laux (France) from April 4th to 8th.

To who doesn’t want to take part to the female snowboard & free ski contest, the Pinky Jam prescribes the only rule of the event: have fun! As at the 2006 edition, there will be free snowboard and free ski camps for all the girls, altitude barbeque party, downstream well-being centre, dinners full of outstanding typical food and wine of the Valtellina, a floral staff, dj’s live set and one of the season most longed for party in Saturday night! All that will take place at the Palù Park of Chiesa Val Malenco, which will exceptionally be re-shaped for the event! If you have lost the 2006 edition now you can join the italian style into a female event.

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