avatar BrOADER girlies Méribel played host to the first ever Sista Sessions on the 6th, 7th and 8th March.
The sun shone throughout both the coaching and competition days, and despite poor forecasts the girls came in big numbers.
On the first day the snowboarders received excellent coaching. With beginner girls trying the flat box and small kickers, many for the first time, they started on 50-50s and by the end of the day all got the boardslides down. The intermediate groups went off to do bigger obstacles such as the red kicker and the big rainbow rail. While the freestyle coaching was going on, the pros and more advanced riders ensured they got a few good shots for the cameras. A first session on the wall ride got everyone going and this led to another session on a roof just outside the park.

Sista Sessions pics 1
Photo credits : Ben Burnett, Rider : Lea Hein

Day 2 slopestyle competition : In the snowboarding category top position went to Lea Hein. She showed amazing style throwing 3s off the red kicker and killing it on the rails. 2nd place was taken by Céline Maichal who stomped the black kicker several times and Muriel Holub came in 3rd having shown solid skills on the flat down (50-50 to crooked nose press).

Sista Sessions pics 2
Photo credits : Fabien Lamborot, Rider : Rita Comi

Day 3 : a ‘secret’ spot in the forest was selected as the best place to get some shots in the mist and fog. After sessioning a tree the girls grabbed the shovels and built a jib onto a tree trunk and set up a rail. Everyone left happy.Sista Sessions pics 3Sista Sessions pics 4