leysinbbjrpro.jpgNext week – from March 6th till 11th – Leysin will host the 4* TTR Billabong World Junior Pro.
Already famous riders such as Iouri Podladtchikov, Arthur Longo or Manuel Pietropoli will compete against the futur stars of the snowboard scene. The point they have in common? They are all under 20 years old and will fight to become Junior World Champion!
The boys and girls who will compete in Leysin have qualified to the event during the VZ trials held last week in Thyon, Switzerland and in Calgary, Canada earlier this year.

To promote the event, the guys at Billabong have put up a cool website where you can discover a nice animated 3D video of the snowpark that is being build for the event. As always in Leysin, the slopestyle course is impressive, offering the riders a combo of gaps, a superpipe run, some rails lines and ending on a wall. The Tristan Picot Memorial Trophy will also award the most impressive rider of the event.

The program for the 6 days of riding and partying looks great and includes the screening of Axel Pauporte’s new film dedicated to big mountain riding : LINES. The movie will be released in August 2007 so don’t miss this opportunity to watch it before everybody else!

The good news is that BrOADER will cover the event integrally as we will be in Leysin for the whole week. So make sure to check out http://www.snowbroader.eu for daily pics, interviews and exclusivities! And drop us a mail if you’re around so that we can meet for a beer! Cheers!