burton logoOnce again Burton is pushing the limits and turning the industry upside down! There’s always room for innovation and Burton is leading the way. It’s hard to keep up with the leader for the other brands.
The Burton gear range is so wide that while you visit their booth, you almost loose yourself.
For the 07/08 range, Burton even has a special “Andy Warhol” edition to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the artist’s death. A very high end edition which will for sure buzz the market.

The real innovation is the awarded EST system. Two rails in the middle of the board with two inserts each to screw the sides of specifically developped bindings.
The end product is always perfect. Glassy, mat, grip skate aspect. Multimaterial sidewalls with up to five different materials. Perfectly finished and decorated bases. Wonderful bindings and boots lines. Wooow! Respect.

The Burton booth was the most controlled booth on ISPO. No way to take any pics without getting the green light from Brigit Gruber the PR Manager for Europe. But we are now a worldwide famous online magazine 😉 and she let us take a few pictures. Thanks to her!!

Check them out!

UN.INC with EST system & SEVEN series


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Andy Warhol special edition (board/boots/bindings/wear)