apo.jpgAPO had a nice booth at ISPO! Check out our pics from all the board walls + the newest Espresso binding.

Régis Rolland and his crew have managed to pull off a very complete range of boards going from the big freeride Apocalypse models to the super park/jibish Selekta. Of course girls are not forgotten with a couple of dedicated boards for them.

As always with APO, designs are both flashy, modern and close to the brand’s roots.
Milk and the other famous APO designers did a great job again.

Although APO has a wide product range and a very good team of riders, it remains a small core company who lives out of passion for snowboarding and needs the support of riders.
You are probably aware that APO boards are produced in China, but keep in mind that they are all designed and shaped in the heart of the French Alps and that the production facility they are using in China respects high standards of quality. Most of the materials used to build the boards come from Europe.
Smaller players need to know the tricks in order to stay in the game and APO is on top of it! Support APO!