apex.jpgAt BrOADER, we have an aim : to become a platform that can help out every passionate snowboarder or group of riders carrying a project to promote it to other riders. Thanks to shralp, who featured us in episode 53, Florian from Apex Snowboards discovered us and dropped us a mail :

I found your site through the link on shralp! I like your blog and that you offer a lot of information about snowboarding around Europe. That’s the point, maybe you can help us too. We started 2 years ago a small custommade snowboard brand called APEX. Our aim is to produce high-end quality snowboards which fit perfectly to their riders.

We are all part of the beautiful snowboard family, always ready to give a hand to push our sport and lifestyle in the right direction. So lets’ take a closer look at Apex.

Apex Custommade Snowboards was created in 2005 by a few friends in Austria completly addicted to snowboarding.
Their approach is simple : everybody is different and has it’s own riding style, creative feeling or ideas.
Their objective : like a surfboard shaper, allow each rider to choose the shape, materials or design which will make his board unique and of the highest quality.


Aside to their standard freestyle, freeride and BX boards, they offer two programs : the “custommade” where the rider can express his creativity in the design and apply it on one of the 8 standard models, and the “totalcustommade” where you can completly define your shape in agreement with the shapers.

Check out the sleack Apex website to discover more about the possibilities they offer.