das-rail_webflyer.jpgWith this horrible start of season that we have in Europe, it’s hard to get excited about anything really…no snow, little action.
Maybe the up and coming ISPO could cheers us up a bit! The ISPO fever will happen in Munich from 4th till 7th of February. Of course BrOADER will be there to cover the event and try to show you as much as we can!

To spice things up Quiksilver and ISPO are partnering to organise The ‘Quiksilver – Das Rail’ invitational contest! The contest will go off on the 5th of February 07, in Downtown Munich, with fifteen of the world’s best rail shredders!
Invited riders include Frederik Austbo, Erik Leines, Aaron Bittner, Simon Chamberlain, Chris ‘CK’ Kröll, and Fredi Sirvio, along with Joni Malmi, Dimitri Fesenko, Stevie Bell, Hannes Metzler, Louie Vito, Alex Schmaltz, Marc Frank Montoya, TJ Schneider and International wildcards.
With the audience positioned in a circle around this ‘natural’ rail, riders are sessioned to beats provided by 2 turntables and a microphone – and the atmosphere heats as riders rise to the occasion. On a box line right next to as Rail the focus is on more technical tricks that demonstrate the full range of snowboarding at todays level. Progression pure and killer riding or sure!