000830_v.jpgThe H.2 Series range of wearable electronics is the high-tech clothing line of O’Neill.
In this line you can find the “Fat Controller”, a technically superior, performance orientated snow glove that incorporates a wireless remote control for your Ipod. Only a limited number of these gloves will be distributed throughout Europe this coming Winter season for a price of €139.

000833_v.jpgOf course, the ‘Fat Controller’ is a seriously technical snow glove with a top water resistance and breathablity but most of all it uses radio frequencies to relay instructions to a module installed on top of the iPod. Tune selection is managed from a small, thumb-controlled joystick woven in to the top of the right-hand glove that mirrors the behavior of the iPod’s scroll wheel. By nudging the joystick to different points of the compass the wearer can play/pause, adjust volume and skip tracks without having to remove the iPod from the inner sanctums of a snowboard jacket.

No more freezing your hands off, when trying to change your playlist on the chairlift!