9bcd54ea48.jpgNow this is an interesting concept!

Mystery Tour… the unknown… a single phrase to describe a world tour assault. Prepare yourself for an avalanche of question marks yet to be released on D Day with an explosion of visual impact.

Only the very best designated locations have been accepted. Europe, amongst them all, with a project signed by h.o.5.park (www.ho5park.com), has had the immense privilege and honor to launch this new concept developed by Dragon- a brand notorious for quality events.

The only clue provided is “Jib Bunker”. As seen by the works of the army in Barèges, France, it is going to be far imposing, such as the list of names echoing in the shadows… Chris Sörman, Hans Ahlund, Markus Keller and the talk of a secret weapon sent from Dragon Headquarters. Who will it be? When will it be?

The first official public announcement of the spot’s plans will be aired on www.ho5park.com two weeks before the kick off date (January the 28th). Nicolas Watier and Xavier Marcou (event designers) will comment the drawings and the mystery of the Dragon Jibunker in the forum.

When the mystery unravels, you’ll understand why this event is going to give so much to talk about… and think this is only the first leg of a world tour visiting the USA, Sweden, Japan and Australia.