Snow is playing tricks with our euro nerves right now. In the Alps it has been raining as high as 2000m and the forecasts for the days to come don’t bring any good news. First casualty is the 3 star TTR slopestyle event the O’Neill King of The Park, which was expected to start in Sappada, Italy, on the 12th January. The event has to be postponed until the temperatures drop and the snow decides that it’s time to give us what we deserve.
White color all over the mountain, that’s what we want!

85c7f58bcc.gifMaybe Shaun White‘s arrival in Europe will set it all off! – ha! ha!- For the first time, Shaun has confirmed his participation to the 6 star Burton European Open 2007 in Laax, Switzerland. Get ready for a huge freestyle fiesta with slopestyle and halfpipe events as well as a Junior event. It will definitely be an exciting battle for the title, as the Euro riders led by current TTR leader Antti Autti, will probably fight hard to beat Shaun on their home turf. Caramba!