The Nissan ArctiX is an invitational big mountain freeride contest for skiers and snowboarders.

The event will take place in Tamok, Lapland from 31st of March to 9th of April. Tamok is located in north-western Lapland. Lapland is northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway, basically the parts of Scandinavia that are above the Arctic Circle. Lapland is arguably the most exotic part of Europe. It is the land of the midnight sun, the arctic night, the northern lights, and many other natural wonders.

7431165863550636.jpgThe format of Nissan Arctix is quite simple: during a waiting period of eight days there will, weather and snowconditions permitting, be three contest days on three different mountains, on which the invited riders can do as many runs as they like within a given area. All the runs are judged according to certain criterias, but only the best run from each day is counted to the overall result.
This gives the riders a chance to get a better feel for the snow and the slopes. Having a chance to do more than only one or two runs per day, which is usually the case in freeride contests, also equals that much more fun per day, which anyways is the real purpose of freeriding!
There will be a panel of five judges who will judge every run with each competitor’s best run of the day used for the final results.

Nissan ArctiX is an invitational event but anybody over 18 years of age can leave their application at the official event website Send in your application by the end of January and hope for the best!