force_dlx.jpgThe UNION binding company is only 2 years old, but they entered the snowboard binding market with fresh ideas, progressive designs and the will to offer to experienced riders the highest performing bindings ever!

The guys behind UNION, supported by their team of riders including Travis Parker, are focused on the products and have worked hard on R&D to come up with some interesting innovations. For example, the extruded aluminium heelcup, which is a standard throughout the collection, garanties longer durability compared to traditional metal heelcups which can bend and lose the original shape if ridden hard.
Because bigger riders need stiffer bindings, the guys increased the amount of fiberglass in the base plates proportionally from M size bindings to XL. And finally, the UNION TrueFit system includes ultra-comfortable ankle and toe straps, ultra-light magnesium buckles and multizone highbacks.
But most of all these bindings almost look like a piece of art, and since they are still quite difficult to find in Europe, if you manage to get your feets in one of those, you’ll be the shit!

Oh and by the way, if you are riding UNION bindings and want to tell us how they feel, leave us a comment! Cheers!