46481.jpgHello everybody ! Do you know what was the trendiest gift this morning for kids ? No… it is not the new WEE, the latest IPOD or other innovating technological product…

No, No … Back to the roots ! Back to the simple life ! THE SNOW PLAYMOBIL should have been under the tree !!

4648-22.jpgLet me introduce him :

This guy is 10cm tall, weights 20g, he wears a eavy black integral helmet which allows him to go Big ! A clear screen goggle for foggy sessions, a nice orange waterproof jacket, a brown Gore-tex pant and red gloves.

And what about his board ! it is simply… simple.

We had one this morning @BrOADER, be aware this guy has no limit …

Excepted the one of your imagination !

You want one ? go here