We received shiny 06/07 Rossignol Works bindings for our first product review here on BrOADER. So we went to Verbier, Switzerland, to try them out and here is our feedback.



First thing first, these bindings look nice! White is sooo trendy right now ūüėČ They are compact, light, the design is sober and the first ‘qualitative’ impression is positive.

Let’s have a closer look and start with the highback spoiler(a) : it is high alright, but not too much and does not completely envelop the boot which is good for a freestyle oriented binding. It can also be rotated to leave even more liberty to the ankles’ movements. Moreover it comes with a toolfree forward lean adjustment system (b).

The baseplate parts (c and d) are stiff and tough because they are not made out of plastic! This is good for a binding because it means it’s performance will last.
The heel cupcan be easily adjusted to the size of the boot. On the footbeds, puffy pads(g) assure comfort and power transmission to the board.

The ankle strapis massive and really comfortable. There are no pressure points on the boot and it also has a toolfree adjustment system (f). The toe strapis also comfortable on the boot. They both come with ‘Fit in’ buckles (e). Easy to strap in and out.

The Rossignol Works bindingsare very balanced. They offer good board control and flexibility for freestyle tricks. Also you get really quickly used to them and have a good feeling. It’s important to highlight that they are comfortable bindings; Rossignol really did a good work on the straps. Those bindings are Mathieu Crepel’s favorite, so really you can’t go wrong!

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