Usually the SB Jam in Davos, Switzerland, was the best place to celebrate New Year’s eve! This year sadly the SB Jam is no more. It transformed into the O’neill Evolution ‘Ultimate Freestyle session’ and won’t happen on New Year but the first WE of January. So this year you have an excuse to party on for a whole week! 😉

So once again Davos is ready to host the first 6 star TTR event of the year and the 2007 opus promises to be exceptional : confirmed riders include TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion title-defender Mathieu Crepel (FRA), Finnish foursome Risto Mattila (FIN), Antti Autti (FIN), Janne Korpi (FIN) and Markku Koski (FIN), transition-master Nicolas Mueller (SUI), O’Neill team rider Gian Simmen (SUI), current TTR World Nr 1 Scotty Lago (USA), halfpipe master Markus Keller (SUI), and up-and-coming all-rounder Jean-Jacques Roux (FRA). But the event will be highlighted by the presence of the man himself, legendary Terje Haakonsen!

Make sure to check out the finals of the Superpipe (January, 5th from 4.30 pm) and the Quarterpipe (January, 6th from 4.30 pm) live on stage or in front of your computer here.