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We created snowBrOADER TV – the video section of http://www.snowbroader.eu
This is how to find us www.youtube.com/snowbroader.

Here’s what you can do on snowBrOADER TV :

1) Check out our homemade BrOADER episodes. We’ll try to produce some randomly during the season bringing you coverage from events, contests, riders, products and so on! Episode 1 is out now!
2) The playlist section is where you’ll find our – guess what? – playlists! Yeah! All the snowboard movie teasers, event teasers are there! It’s starting to be a cool collection already!
3) The snowBrOADER group! Now that’s the part where you get to play! The space there is for all of us! Did you film and edit some cool videos this winter? park, pow, contest? Did you find good snowboarding videos on youtube? Wanna share them? Go ahead! Join our group and post!

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Hope you’ll like it. Thanks for your support.
Shred on!