BrOADER is supposed to focus on the Euro-snowboarding action, but wait a sec, snowboarding was born on the other side of the Atlantic and we have to keep an eye on what’s happening over there, coz it might just hit us a few seasons later here! At least when that happens, tell your friends you heard about it years agooo on BrOADER 😉

DINOSAURS will die is one of those little ‘rider owned’ hardcore american snowboard brands. But geee those guys have an attitude. They just don’t give a damn, and we have the feeling that something is building up around this brand. Maybe they’ll never sell millions of boards but the guys who are going to get their hands on a DWD board will get addicted to them. At least that’s the impression I got from all the comments I read on various forums.

This year they have two board models out : the FUNK and the SQUIDY. Both boards are aimed at good riders who are looking for a versatile performance board that can rule both in the park and over the whole mountain.

Discover more of DWD on their webpage or myspace page.