“The 2nd of December was a very special day for members of our peaceful community. The Air&Style was held in Munich, one of the most progressive snowboard contests yet. Not only some wild tricks were shown for the first time that day, also our Isen-Groms had the chance to ride in front of such a impressive scenery for the first time. While you’ve probably seen the highlights of the night on TV stations or low-quality internet-streamsover and over again, we now produced a little clip which focuses on the experiences our rookies Marco Smolla, Peter König and the Straussen twins made, offers a view behind the scenes and transports the atmosphere during the day.”

Woooow! Ok now just stop what you’re doing and go here.
Download the video, check it out and come back after.

Ok, you saw it too? Are you stocked?
Big up to isenseven crew! YEAH!
It’s a great video! It so good to get an inside look at how the riders live through the Air&Style contest. The photography rocks, the editing is perfect – makes you really feel the atmosphere, the pressure, the fun, the crowd – and the riding is bananas…geil!

Update – You can find evertything on youtube these days! Here’s the isenseven video :