image_prev.JPGBecause obviously we share our passion with some other species (chicks?), we are going to have a look at what is happening outside the men’s snowboarding world.

The place of women in society is improving, and snowboard follows the same trend. “Woman” market is raising up and all marketing staffs are working hard on it.

You probably noticed that more & more stuff in the snowboard industry is women oriented. How many ads, brands, videos, contests, crew, etc… are 100% dedicated to girls.

For sure this season will be the Women Tsunami!

As it was the case a few years ago, brands do not only paint products in pink anymore. A huge effort is made on what is the most suitable for our lovely half. Boards, bindings, boots, everything is thought for women by women! All this movement is lead also by their increasing ride level.

@BrOADER we have always loved women, that’s why we will increase our post 100% dedicated to Women. So that we will be part of the tsunami. You will find also soon the new lovely and so feminine W-BrOADER logo.

Watch out and take a breath !!!

With love…